Proudly introducing the innovative solutions of HEWI, along with its 87 years of experience as a market leader with unrivaled expertise in developing functional and design oriented sanitary systems and ranges.

Abbreviated under the initials of Heinrich Wilke GmbH, HEWI made useful products from polyamide in its advantageously hygienic qualities, temperature stabilization and chemical resistance, and is therefore one of the first plastics processing companies in Germany. Its products are characterized by award-winning design, with high-quality and well-thought through functions that are repeatedly confirmed by independent juries of design competitions.

Setting the standards, HEWI is branded for its consistent correspondence to the ever-changing market needs with its expansion on the use of diverse materials, such as chrome, stainless steel, polyamide, and differentiated design and functional options bearing universal system solutions.

For HEWI, universal design means developing products that can be used intuitively by everyone, regardless of their physical or mental capabilities. One notable segment of their systems and ranges is its sensitivity to dementia patients. Most of HEWI’s sanitary accessories and accessibility products, especially the dementia washbasin, follow the design requirements administering the needs of this group of people. For example, coloured contrasts can be used to structure a room and to facilitate the perception of the environment for someone with dementia. Qualitative studies show that the colour red is most easily perceived by patients with dementia and age-related impaired vision or inoperable eye diseases, and as these diseases progress, it is the colour perceived for the longest time.

Each of HEWI’s products is an output of continuous, intensive research, enabling them to match the needs of the user. Ergonomically designed, providing secure grip, reliable and adjustable support for different movement sequences able to compensate for impairments, they make the bathroom even more comfortable and convenient for everyone, regardless of age and conditions.

Now we bring to you its awe-inspiring approach on Comfort to Care bathrooms through its innovative, comprehensive sanitary and accessibility solutions.

Visit our showroom in Bonifacio Global City.

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